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The new face of Marketing Office!

Considering the opportunity provided by social media, to have a dialogue, not just to communicate unidirectionally with potential clients, we have chosen to reinvent our company’s website: Marketing Office. Now you will have a lot more tools at your disposal … Read More

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Straight line sales

Sales mean providing something useful to a client, something you can both benefit from. That means you need to understand the basic principles of selling. Straight line sales will provide you with the oppotunity of better understanding such principles. Read More

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All you need to know about advertising campaigns and more! (II)

Pay per LEAD advertising campaigns
Pay per lead advertising campaigns provide the customers with the relevant information meant to accelerate the sale process leading to the closure of many fruitful deals. The Marketing and Sales Departments are the ones that should establish what is the right approach and what information might determine the client into placing an order. As the name says, these kind of campaigns don’t have initial costs. After they end, the company will only pay for the qualified leads. Read More

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