E-mail Marketing trends: the „Flat” Design


The „flat” design is a minimalistic type of design applied not only in building email templates, but also in creating software and website interfaces. The “flat” design style doesn’t use elements that give the illusion of tridimensional graphics (such as shadows, gradients or textures). Its purpose is simplicity, granted by simple typography elements and solid colors.

flat-design-1So, we have just seen the big picture about “flat design”. But what is the big deal about it? Designers have begun to focus on this way of structuring content for various reasons. First of all, due to the fact that complicated graphics is no longer needed to familiarize people with technology, the running speed of programs based on this design has increased considerably. Secondly, thanks to the simplicity of design elements, it’s much easier for commercial emails, software or websites to adapt to changes. “Flat” design loads faster on any device and is suitable for any screen resolution. And the user benefits from all of these advantages without compromising visual appearance.

flat-design-5Even if this sounds like a cliché, we’re living in an age of speed. A person will rather browse the internet from their mobile phone or tablet instead of turning on a laptop or desktop. It takes a lot less and they don’t have to sit at a desk every time and wait for the operating system to load. Thus, an app with a minimalist design will shorten the waiting time of the user. Moreover, it’s a lot more pleasant for the user when a website resizes its content according to a 4-5 inch  sized display. Users will not have to zoom in anymore to access the needed option. Many companies keep having websites that are incompatible with mobile gadgets, despite the fact that technology is becoming more and more mainstream. Clients get bored if they don’t find what they are looking for in due time.


What are the faults of this type of design? The critics of the flat design see it as just a trend. They mentioned that the lack of shadows might be confusing for users, as they might not know if a graphic element is clickable or not. Other believe that it is little attractive and doesn’t stir the attention of the clients.

However, flat design is a brilliant concept particularly because it focuses on content. The importance of valuable content in growing constantly, strongly influencing the interaction with clients.

flat-design-4The future of flat design? Most computer and gadget users have grown up with technology at a reach of their hand. They no longer need that graphic elements to resemble day to day objects to adjust to technology. Today’s generation is doing a lot better working with current devices. Nevertheless, some think that minimalist design combined with enriched graphics can highlight the most important features of websites or software interface.

To sum it up, we believe that minimalist design is the future. The loading time of the content, the possibility of adjustment according to screen size are critical factors that can determine client loyalty. Still, for the moment, flat design cannot be implemented for every project, but only where appropriate.  Email marketing is a great example. Minimalist design allows email recipients to enjoy information, without having to download the images.

How do you feel about flat design? We are looking forward to your answers in the comment section.

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