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How to sell B2C products on the B2B market using Email Marketing

Are you in the business of supplying products or services addressed exclusively to individuals, but you are tempted to enter the B2B market? Read More

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How to polish your communication skills when working in marketing or sales

Everybody knows that interaction between people is based on communication, there’s no newsflash about that. Well, business management is based on the same thing, because beyond figures and contracts, there are people who, despite appearances, most often base their choices on their subjective vision. Obviously, everyone claims to pursue the good of the company, but how this principle is implemented heavily depends on how it is perceived. Read More

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Business partner concept

The specific features of B2B marketing (part I)

Regardless of the type of market our attention is focused on, the marketing process is based on the same principles. Still, there are some aspects that we must take into consideration when building a business offer. Hereafter we will be enounce the main principles of B2B marketing. Read More

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