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The post-holiday period – a real benefit for you business (II)

Still haven’t prepared an after holiday sales strategy? Say no more! We have prepared some tips for you, so that next time this period won’t catch you off guard. In the mean time, you can do something else, just as useful to your company: turn wasted time into productive time. Keep reading to find out how you can do this. Read More

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Business partner concept

The specific features of B2B marketing (part I)

Regardless of the type of market our attention is focused on, the marketing process is based on the same principles. Still, there are some aspects that we must take into consideration when building a business offer. Hereafter we will be enounce the main principles of B2B marketing. Read More

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Lead generation – how many requests for offers do you get in your inbox everyday? (part I)

Ți-ai dedicat toate eforturile pentru a construi o imagine credibilă a companiei tale. Ai investit timp, bani și alte resurse în branding și metode de creștere a vizibilității pe piață. Pe scurt, compania ta se dezvoltă armonios. Totuși…câte cereri de ofertă primești zilnic în inbox-ul tău? Read More

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