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Marketing Office at DMEXCO 2014 – the biggest marketing event ever

Evenimentul DMEXCO reprezintă una dintre cele mai mari expoziții și conferințe de marketing internaționale care se organizează anual in luna septembrie, la Cologne, în Germania. Acest eveniment poate fi privit și sub forma unui târg de marketing unde sunt prezentate toate inovațiile și tendințele industriei digitale. Read More

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The specific features of B2B marketing (part II)

B2B buyers are usually more thorough with their research before making purchasing decision because of the greater risks and implications. They would take into consideration references, seek information, alternatives, solutions, manufacturers and suppliers. They are doing this not only for personal benefit but also for that of future customers. For that reason, when they find the best product or service, they will stick with it for a long time. Read More

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All you need to know about advertising campaigns and more! (II)

Pay per LEAD advertising campaigns
Pay per lead advertising campaigns provide the customers with the relevant information meant to accelerate the sale process leading to the closure of many fruitful deals. The Marketing and Sales Departments are the ones that should establish what is the right approach and what information might determine the client into placing an order. As the name says, these kind of campaigns don’t have initial costs. After they end, the company will only pay for the qualified leads. Read More

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