Why your brand should be more human

Constant communication and interaction between a brand and its customers has long ceased to be a necessity, becoming more like a “must have”. Social networks are under the lime light 24/7. Regardless their working schedule, people are continuously trying to get in touch with other people. And the more human the message is, the better chances are that it will resonate with what potential clients are looking for.

The time of aggressive marketing is coming to an end. Though some practices are still working very well, people are looking for something new. They are searching for value. We have pointed out the importance of content marketing in a previous post, but things are slightly more complicated. All you need to know is that the message of your company needs to synch with your clients, but content itself is not enough anymore.


What is there to be done? Try to see things from their perspective. What do your clients and your sales team have in common? For starters, they are all human and everyone of them is looking for a place where they belong. Therefore, your message should be as human as possible.

Human doesn’t need to mean personal. If your working in the business to business market and your clients are renowned companies, you can both be human and professional at the same time. All that matters is that you offer your clients valuable information. The more, the better. Not about your products or services. Not even about your company.


Tell a story. Instead of making a presentation about your products, make up a story around them. Tell your clients about the origin of the product, where the idea came from. Explain to them how much they can improve their lives if they use your products.

Teach them! For example you can show your clients how to be efficient in their day to day routine. If your potential clients see that you’re more interested in helping them out, rather then selling something, they will see you in a different light. And deals will close on their own. But use the language of your client if you want to get your point through to them.


Obviously, it’s important that people get to know you and your company. But do it in an original way. Instead of introducing your company to your clientele, try to create an image about the team. Share articles about your company’s achievements. Decorate the offices in the colors of your brand and show pictures to your clients on social media. Attend conferences or events and tell them about your experience. Set up group events. A happy staff will gain the trust of your clients while giving you the chance of showing your human side.

why-your-brand-should-be-human-blogKeep a company blog. Blogs are a cost free way of keeping in touch with potential customers. Moreover, blog articles show that a company has a human face. A face that keeps clients posted with all the new trends regarding a field of activity. Give away advice or priceless information, or simply find out what is the latest fad in your field.

Not only will you prove you are aware about everything happening in your niche. You will also show that behind your company, there is a human being in charge of those articles. Be active on social networks, not only through posts. Be available and give your clients the opportunity of asking questions and getting replies. Be always easy to find, beyond customer service. That way you will gain credibility.

why-your-brand-should-be-human-say-thank-youAdmit your faults say be grateful to those that stood by your side. It’s only human to make mistakes. The important part is to admit to making them, while providing a solution. Don’t wait to be bombarded with a load of complaints when you start your day.

Also, say thank you to your business partners. Are 1000 people following you on social networks? Give thanks for their support. Or send your business partners holiday greeting cards. You will prove them that you care about them as people, not only as buyers.

Letting your clients see your human side has a bunch of benefits. You can strengthen the trust in your company and at the same time make your voice heard. Keep into account the above mentioned pieces of advice and start putting them into practice today!

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