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Lead Generation

Say goodbye to classical marketing methods costing you a lot of money, that provide no guarantee when it comes to sales.

Email Marketing

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Fax Marketing

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SMS Marketing

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Databases – available destinations

Last update: 09.02.2015, 8:13 am

Email: 418,348
Fax: 347,360
SMS: 165,464
Email: 332,520
Fax: 512,141
Email: 223,574
Fax: 306,116
Email: 172,674
Fax: 62,712
SMS: 246,578
Email: 1,823,594
Fax: 1,017,039
SMS: 321,184
Email: 859,631
Fax: 2,699,858

Database segmentation criteria

Geographic (country, region, city, postal code)

Business (branch of activity, organisation form, turnover, number of employees)




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